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    Hey Guys,

    Having some problems with W3 Cache and the website: after trying to update the plugins on the website, because the W3 cache plugin was not working correctly with the theme, the site crashed twice. Our hosting team had a look and said that the plugin was the issue, despite the fact we had been informed that the plugin should work with the theme.

    Our hosting team said to take a look at the db.php and object-cache.php files, as they are some kind of dependancy? In order to solve the problem, they had to rename both these files with a ‘2’ and put them in the WP-Content folder, and remove the plugin in the backend by renaming it.

    The site now runs fine, but it is very slow. Whether there is a problem with the updates or how the theme works with the cache plugin, could you please advise and investigate, as we need our website’s speed to be improved quickly?

    Team Bloom

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