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    Hi Minti support,

    I just noticed some weird looking code in the custom CSS of the website I created using Unicon, and I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what it is. The code seems to only occur in the custom CSS related to row classes created with Visual Composer. Example:

    .minheightheader {
    min-height: 300px!important;
    width: 250{9105635ec1e66b4387dc49ae55e7cc6242fe0e72bf6f52299736ed2e59c34f19};

    I have no idea where all the numbers and letters come from after the code. It seems to have replaced ‘px’ in some lines of CSS. I have Wordfence Security enabled on the website and it is not giving me any signs of malicious code. Do you maybe know if this code can be generated by WordPress for some reason?

    Thank you in advance!

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