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    Seeking assistance with Unicon theme.
    -Purchased Unicon v2.4.1 3/2018
    -Downloaded first update available v2_7_3. I see in the notes there was a major update a while back, but I did not receive notification of it.

    1-when I install updated theme using ftp, the site does not function. Even WP Admin backend does not work.
    2-need to update PHP from current v5.6 to v7.x, but unable because that also causes site not to function.
    3-I hope the new Unicon v2_7 includes updated WPBakery, because current v5.4.4 which came with Unicon theme is out of date.
    URL: https://www.growthgps.com

    I welcome your hands-on assistance; I like Unicon very much. I am not a technical website developer and want to keep this site updated and protected. This website is critical to my business.
    Thank you, Keith

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