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    I’m using a Row element on the home page of the theme and have split this into 3 columns.

    Within that I added a Headline and then come text. I then added a background image to each separate column and the text overlays that image; however, what I did notice is that the background image fills the whole of the 1/3 column and then when you add another image to the second and third column there is no spacing between each. I’ve tried full width and padding, but this does not work and stretches the images also.

    I’ve added a Single Image element into each column and they are perfect and I now have the necessary spacing, but if I add a Headline element and text, they sit below the image and not overlaying it. Can you please advise on a way to accomplish this and equally I want the text to sit bottom left of each column and not centre?

    A good example of the images and text blocks that I’m trying to achieve is on the homepage of this website: https://www.pulsejobs.com/

    Also when I add another row the spacing between each is too great. I’ve adjusted the padding bottom of the top row and the new second row but it makes no difference as the spacing is too great?

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