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    I have this problem I can not solve. I need to do to work the menu as well:

    Servizi (mother page but not clickable)
    > SMS (it is child Servizi)
    > > Invio (it is child SMS)

    To do this in the “Services” menu is customized link url # label and “Servizi”.
    “Servizi” is also created as a page because it must be the mother of SMS.
    The menu works well, but the shows breadcrumbs “Servizi” as an active link and connected to the mother “Servizi” page that is blank.
    How can I disable only the link to Servizi in breadcrumbs?
    Also the mother “Servizi” page (blank) can be reached from address on the browser and this is not good.
    Maybe you can help me to run the breadcrumbs so:
    Servizi / SMS / Invio
    for Services without creating a blank page (mother page)?
    Thank you if you can give aid is involved, this seems to be a very difficult problem to solve.

    screenshot with problem

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