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    I am working on a website that was built by someone else a while back and the theme is Unicon and we have WPBakery and all of the Unicon plugins and theme are up to date. I have done a lot of technical changes but now people are trying to make content changes and they can’t figure it out so it has been tasked to me. I may not be the best wordpress user or web designer, but I know enough about code that I can usually do what I need. When it comes to the content on the pages I keep seeing [minti_] (minti_member, minti_headline, minti_iconbox, etc) everywhere and I have no idea where it is pulling from or how to edit any of it.

    An example, we need to update a section of the about us page and there are 3 columns and the WPBakery editor shows three text blocks. The block we need to change starts with “[minti_member img="###" name="xxxx" role="xxx" facebook="http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=xxxx" twitter="http://twitter.com/xxxx" linkedin="https://www.linkedin.com/in/xxx" mail="mailto:sales@dataxstream.com"]” in the text block as text. After that it has the blurb about him and ends with a “[/minti_member]“, again, all in the WPBakery text box. The resulting page shows the image, his name and his role in the appropriate CSS, inserts a nice little line break followed by the blurb about him, another nice little line break, and then the 4 social media icons with appropriate links below. That being said, one of my team members attempted to swap it out and got rid of the img number, changed the links in the social media section, and changed the blurb. She also added the image “the normal way?” through wpbakery into the text block and it shows “Single Image” in the top of the text block and the text below. Upon updating the page, it now shows his picture and name but with a little bit more spacing between the image and name than the other two (done only using the [minti_member img="" etc]) and it does not show the role. How does one even assign an image a [minti_member img="id#"]?

    What I am trying to figure out is, what is a [minti_member], how is it created, how are they edited, and where do they live. We have owned this theme for a while now but apparently before I started no one has really done anything with the website since the last guy who is no longer here made it. I bought a second license just to see if any of the unicon plugins or anything was a different version of what we already have but as far as I can tell they are the same. That brings up my other question, looking the theme on the themeforest listing it shows an “Advanced Theme Options” image with a “unbranded Theme Options Panel” and shows some form of editor being used to the left and the “Theme Options” pane on the right so I figured maybe that was a piece of functionality that we just don’t have and would be included in the purchase (image attached below).

    I understand that this may not necessarily be the kind of support you provide, however I have been banging my head against this for a few weeks now and I cannot find any documentation about the [minti_whatever] stuff and I have no idea how to edit things like [minti_members] and I really don’t want to have to rebuild the entire website from scratch because clearly I don’t know what I am doing. Honestly, any insight or help you can give on any of this would be greatly appreciated and would make purchasing a 2nd license 100% worth it.

    Thank you
    Jeff Kirk


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