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    Hello Minti Team,

    I have set up the basic page recently and in a team we really liked the centered logo header.
    We have two minor problems with that header at the moment and I wondered if you could help me.

    1) As in the design this logo should be relatively big. On mobile this is neither centered nor fitted inside the menu bar. I could see similar problems with not centered logo on Envato support forum before, so I believe there is a way to fix it – which I would be grateful for. We can always provide smaller logo for mobile, but ideally if it will be also relatively big and centered if possible.

    2) The other thing is that the menu section on mobile tries to open automatically on the right – while testing on my Android phone this is moved to the bottom in a second (but jumps weirdly), however on iPhone this is not visible, leaves a white space.

    Is there any cure for that, as at the moment mobile version is not very usable…
    Thanks in advance!

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