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    Hello Phil

    I really love the unicon theme. Our shop is almost finished. However, there are a few issues, which need to be sort out:

    1. Image Sizes:
    Products should look as in your sample: http://unicon.hellominti.com/shop/
    I created the images according to your demo (550x700px) but the products have a square preview (the top and bottom of the images is cut of)

    2. Titles (Shop Sidebar)
    The titles in the left sidebar look different than in the demo (they have the same size/font as the categories). I would like the same look as in the demo

    3. Display issues (checkout/cart)
    Please have a look at the options in “cart totals” at the end of the “cart” page: The bullet points for the different shipping options are not aligned

    …if you proceed to “checkout”

    The same issue occours (“your order”, where the products are displayed)
    Also another problem here seems to be that there are no text breaks and the product titles are long.

    Is there a CSS fix to these issues or what do I need to do to make it look the same as in the demo?

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