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    We just purchased the Unicon theme today and we have questions on the best method we should use to switch from my existing theme to this one. I have looked through the support and comments but couldn’t find an answer my questions.
    We are currently using another theme (Avada).

    Our goal is revamp the website which includes creating new content pages and well as new product pages. We are not sure if editing the pages once the new theme is installed is the best way to proceed, mainly because they were created Fusion and we will now want to use Visual Composer. Also our home page is using Meta-slider we want to use Rev-silder. It also sounds like we might want to start fresh. I not sure how we can accomplish and we are currently using the Woo-Commerce plugin. We have additional Woo-Commerce add-ons which I will list at the end of this ticket for your reference only. We are going to be loading this to our staging/dev server before we bring it live and we have backed up the staging site. We are looking for some advice on the best way to install the theme.

    Here is where I am asking for clarification. While the overall product information will not change we will be creating and all new shop product page and single product page. When the current theme was setup the developer who is no longer in contact with us used I guess what was a custom single product page. We don’t want that. Our only concern is that we don’t lose the Woo-Commerce complete order history we have now. I am not sure we will need to export the order history before we install. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    When we create a child theme and since I don’t have a lot of experience can we use CHILD THEME CONFIGURATOR plugin after we install and before we make any changes to the Unmodified theme.

    Here are the additional Woo-Commerce plugins we are currently using:

    WooCommerce AdWords Dynamic Remarketing
    WooCommerce Checkout Manager
    WooCommerce Custom Review Form Validation
    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts
    WooCommerce Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics Integration with Conversion Tracking
    WooCommerce Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics Integration with Conversion Tracking is tracking order
    WooCommerce Google Product Feed
    WooCommerce Print Invoices/Packing Lists
    WooCommerce Quickview
    WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro
    WooCommerce Shipment Tracking
    WooCommerce ShippingEasy Integration
    MailChimp for WooCommerce

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